Constantin Cosmin and Anthony Fawcett

The past couple of years have been transformative in my artistic journey, and this year marks a true highlight. I've had the immense honor of being interviewed by the legendary art critic and historian Anthony Fawcett, the man behind the first exhibition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono and interviewer to icons like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and now, Constantin Cosmin.

From his early career as an art critic at Vogue at just eighteen, bringing Man Ray to London, to his work with greats like Lennon, Warhol, and Charles Saatchi, Anthony's impact on the art world is profound. The creator of Beck's Art Sponsorship Programme and the UK's largest artist prize, Beck's Futures, he also founded Anthony Fawcett Consultants and advised on art collections for stars like Dave Stewart.

Active in supporting emerging artists and serving as a trustee and board member to various art institutions, Anthony's work in the arts continues to be pioneering. Now, he's working on the “Anthony Fawcett Archive” with Tate Gallery.

To say that this interview was a turning point would be an understatement. Anthony's insights into art and his encouragement have left me inspired and more passionate about my art than ever before.

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